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Confused with snacks!

Thursday Sep 5, 2013janeeburnallen

So my husband and I recently started the CS diet and are getting on with it really well. However, I am a bit confused about the snacking... We have the shakes for breakfast and lunch and then have a balanced meal, but I was also reading that it is better to 'keep the metabolism kicking over' so we have also had the three snacks... So far we have either had a slice of cheese, a piece of ham or a boiled egg (or other 'allowed snacks'). However,I read on here of recipes for things people can eat for snacks, like slices of vegetarian omlette etc! !!! It says in the book a very few things but it appears others are eating a lot more.... Basically I need to know if we are eating too much or not enough!??? Any help appreciated.

Average day:


Breakfast- shake

Snack- slice of cheese


Snack-slice of ham/fruit

Dinner-chicken stirfry or salad



We are both losing but I am just a bit confused!!

Thursday Sep 5, 2013janeeburnallen
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I also have a question regarding the snack bars we just bought..not had one yet, but they seem to be significantly higer in carbs than the snacks you recommend?? help??

Thursday Sep 5, 2013patwoodger1
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Hi Jane. Welcome to Cs.mI'm not a staff member but happy to help if I can, as a Cs veteran! Your intake sounds perfect, far better to have protein snacks than anything else especially in the early stages of the diet. If you & hubby would like other ideas you can find a very comprehensive list of allowables including recipes via the cs homepage. Click on 'weight loss tips' then 'general'. Re the snack bars, they are pretty carby but much better than something like a mars bar, which a lot of people might be tempted by were it not for these as an alternative. Basically, anything Cs produce for us is ok to have even if it appears to have more carbs than the 10g per 100g. Try not to have them more than once a day tho, and cut it down to three per week if needs be. Hope that helps. Good luck to you both xx


Thursday Sep 5, 2013calvillo
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H i, after reading the days comments I now wonder if I'm on the right track? I have a shake in the morning, small apple and yoghurt mid morning a shake for lunch and a yoghurt mid afternoon.  In the evening I have a stir fry of allowed vedgies with 4oz cottage (fat free) and quorn chunks or a 2 egg omlette.  To end the day Ive been eating an alpen 70cal bar. 

I lost 6lbs in my first week and due to weigh again tomorrow, does this sound about right?


Thursday Sep 5, 2013patwoodger1
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Hi. Firstly, well done on the 6lbs loss! Re your intake - That seems quite a lot of yogurt and many of these can be quite carby, so maybe cut down to one per day max and make sure it contains fewer than 10g carbs per 100g. Muller lights are apparently ok. Also a small apple contains around 11g carbs and should be considered a complete snack on its own. How many grams of carbs are there in those Alpen bars? Not sure if they're allowable tbh. With Cs the calories aren't so relevant as the carbs, you see. Xx


Monday Sep 9, 2013janeeburnallen
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Thanks Pat,


I really appreciate you getting back to me. My husband is a wheelchair user so unfortunaltey he cannot do weigh in's easily. However, I have lost 7lbs this week, which I am thrilled about. We have both found it fairly easy and we are really surprised how full we feel during th day!


We have started to use the cs snack bars as our after dinner snack as it goes nicely with a cup of tea and makes me feel all 'squishy inside!!'. Apart from that we have been sticking to protein snacks. My questions is more regarding what quantity should we be eating?? I currently have 2 slices of thin cheese, or 2 slices of ham, or 4 prawns etc.... I notice that there seems to be a great variety in the quantity of food being consumed for snacks.


Really excited about this diet... I lost 70lbs last year and have kept it off. However, I really would like to shed the last 30lbs to really get to my target weight. Fingers crossed and thanks again. Good luck to you x

Monday Sep 9, 2013janeeburnallen
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Pat... I am a wally.. I was not scrolling down far enough!!!


Got it!!! We have been doing it right but I am gald I checked!


Thanks again



Monday Sep 9, 2013patwoodger1
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Hi Jane. Glad you've found it all! It can be quite confusing at first but Cs is such an easy plan once you get your head round it. For guidance on quantities for snacks, the following is quite useful:- each snack should contain, as a maximum, around 100 calories and 10g carbohydrate. Each balanced meal should have in the region of 400-600 cals and 20-40g carbs. If your weight losses start to diminish after 3-5 weeks, which is quite common tbh, drop your carb intake down to around 5g per snack and 15-25g per meal. Good luck and keep in touch.


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