Before and after of Chery l ’s journey

Chery l ’s journey

Cheryl has been feeling uncomfortable with her weight for a while and wondered where to start.She stumbled across Sam Bailey's Facebook page where she talks about Celebrity Slim, and thought, you know what... I'm going to give this a whirl!

After 3 weeks of following the TRIM phase...

Cheryl experienced fantastic results her hard work had paid off.

Cheryl said "I'm not quite sure how much weight I have lost but I've gone down from a size 18 to a size 16, I felt fat and needed to sort it out. I've been on other diets but nothing worked."

"My initial success has really motivated me, I am still on the programme until I feel comfortable in myself again, size 12 would be great but 14 is fine too."

After 7 months of following the TRIM phase...

"I've reached my goal size 12/14, lost 6 stone in 7 months goals can be achieved, I'm still on shakes for now but only for breakfast"[to maintain weight loss].