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A basket full of healthy food

How to lose weight on a budget

With the cost of living so high, we’re all looking for ways to save on essentials, namely food. The cheapest, most convenient options are often the unhealthiest, but you can fuel your body with the right foods, even on a budget. Smaller portions and eating slower If you’re trying to lose weight, you should be […]

A woman enjoying Celebrity Slim soups

Winter warmers while losing weight: soups & porridges

Winter warmers while losing weight We’re in the middle of winter and most of us probably don’t feel summer-ready! Hearty meals are a go-to during the colder weather and we can often find ourselves overeating for comfort, and the foods we choose are typically rich in carbohydrates and sugar because they make us feel full […]

Hard Seltzer next to a sign that reads "Hard Seltzer"

How many calories in Alcohol?

Alcohol and Calories Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories, meaning they provide little to no health value. Some are higher than others, but you might be surprised at just how many calories are in your favourite drink! A survey conducted by suggests that the British public are clueless when it comes to calories […]

A woman eating a watermelon

Am I hungry or just bored?

Boredom Eating Am I hungry or just bored?  It is very common to eat when you are bored. We all do it, but it becomes a problem when you are trying to keep your weight in check. Boredom eating is one of the hardest eating habits to overcome! It is easy to cave in, especially […]