Before and after of Diane’s journey

Diane’s journey

I've lost 5 kilos and well on my way to completing my longer-term goal of 15kg. I have established healthier patterns, with the structure of the delicious shakes and bars, and snacking earlier on in the day rather than in the evenings like I used to. I can now wear all the clothes in my wardrobe, not just the larger, stretchier ones and it feels great. I actually bought a dress 2 sizes smaller in the first week and wore it to a wedding the day after the challenge finished. I love a challenge and 6 weeks is a good mini goal to help kick-start fat loss, which then sets you up to achieve a longer-term strategy. I am going to do another 6-week challenge using Celebrity Slim myself as we head towards Christmas and the silly season, to keep myself moving towards my weight loss goal.