Before and after of Jenny's journey

Jenny's Journey

I’d like to share my final comparison pic. Three months ago I started a collaboration with Celebrity Slim to share the first 12weeksof my weight loss journey. I set a goal to lose 1st 3 lbs & I smashed it.

I lost inches from my waist, I dropped a dress size & my stomach shrunk. I feel so much better about myself now that I’ve lost over1/3 of my overall 3 stone loss goal.

By showing my losses live via Instagram each week, I wanted to fully highlight how a busy working parent can really allow themselves to join a diet program. The celebrity slim trim phase was amazing. The selection is vast & the convenience was golden. I don’t think anybody will not enjoy this plan.

The items are sooooo tasty. Don’t put it off any more, if you are considering losing some weight. I highly recommend Celebrity Slim. Thank you for all your support during the last few months.