Before and after of Kim’s journey

Kim’s Journey

Busy haemodialysis nurse Kim talks about her experience on the Celebrity Slim programme.

What prompted you to take up the challenge?

My son took a photo of me, and I was a bit shocked as I had gradually put weight on and not really faced up to it. I was also looking forward to a holiday with all the family in Fuerteventura and I wanted to feel confident again in my swimsuit and going out in the evening.

What phase did you follow?

I decided to follow the ACTIVE Phase since I wanted to include some exercise in my day and I thought it would help to motivate me. I swapped to the TRIM Phase after a few weeks.

Did you have any setbacks?

I felt a bit hungry for the first couple of days but was surprised how quickly that changed and I then I started to feel so much more energetic. I found it hard to drink so much water but as a nurse I know how important it is to stay hydrated it soon became a matter of habit.

If I felt like some chocolate–especially near the end of along shift–I had one of the delicious Celebrity Slim snack bars for my snack.

How did it fit in with the family...?

What was nice was that the family didn’t really notice as I would just eat the same meal as they did but without the potatoes, rice or pasta but with extra vegetables or salad. Favourites in my house are salmon with roasted vegetables and chicken with cheese on top, both of which fit in fine with the Celebrity Slim programme. As for the exercise, I have a 7-year old son who loves to go outside. I walk and he bikes. He likes to see how many steps we do so we try to hit 10,000. Its really nice to spend that time together

.... and with your job?