Before and after of Lexi’s journey

Lexi’s journey

“I’m pretty excited to say that for the first time ever I’ve found success in weight loss. Back in March, the photo on the left I hit my heaviest ever weight of 90kgs, most noticeably I gained a double chin that I could no longer photograph without. But only in the past 8 weeks have I worked towards resurrecting the issue. There is a 10kg difference in these photos, 8kg of which I lost in the past 8 weeks on celebrity slim, Might I add without any exercise.”

“I’ve always struggled with feeling like I was fat all through my teens to now, because I was always bigger than everyone else. But looking back on photos as a teen and in my early 20s I now realise I wasn’t fat and wished I appreciated my body more when I actually was slimmer. Now a month from turning 30 I am the most confident version of myself.”

Results: “I didn’t think the results were even noticeable yet. It wasn’t until I went back to find the biggest photo I had and then took a matching photo where I made this comparison, that it fully sunk in the amazing progress. It’s crazy to notice a difference in multiple places across my body. Places I hadn’t even realised I had lost weight. Every time I look at this before and after I’m in disbelief, and it motivates me to hit my weight loss goal for the first time ever.

What next?

“I’m pretty excited with the progress and reckon if I lose approx. another 10kg I’ll be the happiest I’ve been with my body ever. I don't have a set number in mind, I’m just going to judge what looks healthy on me as I get lower. I’ve been sitting at an unhappy80kgs for many years, and I’d love to change that now that I finally know how. I’m adding in exercise into this next phase to help get there sooner. Fingers crossed.”