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Summer weight loss plan: tips to lose weight ready for summer

Summer weight loss plan: tips to lose weight ready for summer
Celebrity Slim UK
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Meal Replacement Plans

 The Celebrity Slim meal replacement programmes are designed to help you on your weight loss journey by offering a range of diet smoothies, soups, porridges, shakes and more! Whether you want to follow a detailed weight loss plan or simply replace a few breakfasts and lunches with a meal replacement, Celebrity Slim is the range for you.


With summer round the corner, you may be looking to lose weight and slim down to feel your best over those warmer months.


Explore our range of meal replacement plans and weight loss bundles:

 Meal replacement porridge

Our porridges are perfect for brekky on summer mornings! Nutritionally balanced with 25 essential vitamins & minerals, our porridges will help you sustain your energy while helping you lose weight. The range contains a Plain Flavour which is a great base for delicious healthy toppings and a lovely Apple & Cinnamon flavour. Take a look out our very own maple blueberry porridge recipe here.


 Slimming soups

The Celebrity Slim diet soup range is a great option for a healthy lunch or dinner. Just like our shakes and porridge the soups are fortified with vitamins and minerals to give you a delicious, nutritionally complete meal. You can grab our soup in 6 amazing flavours!


  • Spicy Chicken Noodle
  • Mild Curry
  • Mushroom Crouton
  • Roast Chicken
  • Garden Vegetable
  • Spring Vegetable

Explore some of the range and discover your favourite with our assorted soup pack here.

Meal replacement shakes

Celebrity Slim shakes are the perfect meal replacement for on the go, they come in convenient single serve sachets so you can take them anywhere. Each slimming shake is high protein, nutritionally complete meals with only 215 calories per serve!

Explore the meal replacement shake range here!

 Diet plans for sustainable weight loss

On a diet, each meal should leave you feeling full, energised, and satisfied while helping you lose weight. The Celebrity Slim Trim and Maintain plans give you a variety of meal plans and recipes that will provide all of that!


Healthy foods to eat in summer

For the times you won’t be having a meal replacement, take advantage of these delicious foods that are beneficial for your general health and wellbeing:

  • Eggs: Beneficial for heart health, muscle health and full of nutrition
  • Spinach: A source of folate, protein, magnesium, and various vitamins & minerals
  • Yoghurt: Good for digestive health, good source of magnesium and potassium
  • Pumpkin: Omega 3 fatty acids, blend of vitamins, potassium, and magnesium
  • Tomatoes: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C
Staying motivated for weight loss

One of the hardest parts is keeping at it! Be real with your goals, have your diet plan ready to go and go out of your way to get moving. Making movement part of everyday life is crucial, go for a walk around the block or try a new exercise class. Focus on reaching your goals and have fun all while becoming a healthier you!

Celebrity Slim UK
Writer and expert
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