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How to use Meal Replacement Shakes

How to use Meal Replacement Shakes
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Meal replacement shakes are all the rage when it comes to weight loss results, but are they effective for sustaining long-term weight management? While they may deliver swift results, we want to understand their suitability for extended use and the optimal frequency of consumption to attain and maintain your healthy weight.

How to use meal replacement shakes

If you’re a newbie to the world of meal replacement shakes, you may be wondering how they work. For starters, these shakes are filled with vitamins, minerals, and of course, protein. That last nutrient in particular is the most important in its ability to help increase the feeling of being full. This helps you lose weight without feeling the need to satisfy your hunger with food. In short, these shakes offer a way to reduce calorie intake without starving yourself, no matter what lifestyle.

Our Celebrity Slim meal replacement shakes are high in protein, low in calories and packed with nutritional vitamins and minerals to help you lose weight and stick to your healthy eating plan. Besides that, our meal replacement shakes, which are packed with protein, gluten free and come in a range of delicious flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and banana, for a full meal packed with flavour!

Studies show that in the short-term, meal replacement shakes are more effective at weight loss compared to normal low-calorie diet plans. While how much weight you can lose on rapid weight loss shakes can vary, they can lead to around two times more weight loss in three months compared to your typical diet.

But is a meal replacement shake diet enough to keep your dream body consistent in the long-term?

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How long is it safe to use meal replacement shakes?

Meal replacement shakes alone can’t help you maintain your weight loss goals in the long-term. Combining these shakes with an efficient diet and exercise plan can help you keep it going past the initial months of your journey.

When it comes to how often you should drink protein shakes, we recommended replacing one or two meals per day, depending on how much weight you are looking to lose. If you are replacing two meals a day we suggest an additional healthy meal packed with protein and veggies, plus 2-3 healthy snacks between meals, so you don’t feel too hungry by dinner that you end up overeating. You don’t want that hard work going to waste after all!

As for how long you can stay on meal replacement shakes, studies show that a combination of one shake a day to replace a meal along with a reduced calorie diet can help keep the weight off for longer periods. So, the recommendation is to start by replacing two meals a day with shakes coupled with balanced diet of a light dinner and two snacks to kick start the weight loss process. Afterwards, move onto one shake a day to maintain your progress.

With the right diet shake plan coupled by an effort to reduce calories, long-term weight loss is very possible. And the best part? This plan is something you can keep going even when you have no time for exercise and physical activity. The perfect diet shake plan for people with busy lives and who need nutrition on the go.

How often should I drink a meal replacement shake?

The trim phase is at the heart of the programme and is designed to deliver long-term sustainable results. This is the classic phase where you can replace 2 meals each day and combine this with a balanced meal and up to 3 snacks. This allows you to eat regularly and it is flexible enough to fit into your work and home life. Once you have started to trim down and you are at your desired weight, you can move onto the maintain phase.

The maintain phase is designed to help you keep the weight off for good once you have reached your target weight. This phase is changing your eating habits so that you can lose weight and stay feeling your best. Replace 1 meal each day with a meal replacement shake and enjoy 3 snacks.

What do you mix with a meal replacement shake?

Depending on which shake you are consuming, you can mix your meal replacement shake with water or milk (any milk substitute you prefer).

Alongside this, you can also add fruits and veggies to the shakes if you are looking to shake things up and create some different flavours!

Meal replacement shake scooped in the shaker


When is the best time to take meal replacement shakes?

Breakfast time:

Skipping breakfast is a major misstep for fat loss nutrition. It sets you up for the hazardous "hunger danger zone" later in the morning or early afternoon which can lead to reaching for unhealthy snacks.

This danger zone is a daunting territory where the temptation to opt for fast food at lunch is high, and your spare change is likely to find its way into the vending machine.

Many individuals don't even experience hunger in the morning, let alone have the time to prepare a warm meal. This makes breakfast an great moment for a meal replacement shake. These shakes are convenient and light, yet packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs to fuel your energy levels early in the day when it's most needed and most importantly, it gives you what your body needs.

For some people, a shake makes breakfast achievable when it would otherwise be impossible. And sidestepping that hunger danger zone sets you on track for healthier snacks and lunch!

Lunch time:

Lunchtime presents one of the prime opportunities for veering off course from healthy eating habits. Whether it's succumbing to fast food drive-thrus, joining colleagues for lunch outings – there’s potential for going off track!

For those days when time is scarce, preparing a nutritious lunch that's both satisfying and low in calories can feel like too big of a task. While the idea of a light veggie wrap, or turkey slices may be appealing, the reality is that such meals aren't always feasible.

On those occasions, meal replacement shakes come to the rescue. They offer unparalleled convenience – just grab and go.

Simply toss a sachet of shake mix into a shaker with milk or water, pair it with a piece of fruit, and you're all set!

Moreover, Celebrity Slim shakes keep you fuller for longer, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry after an hour like you would with fast food. You can enjoy a sense of fullness and satisfaction without plunging into the snack draw.

Before or after a workout:

Meal replacement shakes incorporate protein powder, a superb protein source renowned for fostering muscle repair and recovery. This attribute stems from protein powder's exceptional amino acid composition.

Incorporating a shake into your pre- or post-workout regimen ensures that your muscles receive a steady supply of premium amino acids crucial for effective workout recovery and, consequently, weight loss.

Remember, you have the flexibility to enhance your meal replacement shakes by incorporating additional ingredients like fruits and vegetables, enabling you to meet your energy and nutrient requirements throughout the day.

Healthy snack in between meals:

Another opportune moment to enjoy a meal replacement shake is as a snack in between meals. Managing a hectic schedule can often make it challenging to prioritize healthy eating habits.

Thanks to the convenience provided by meal replacement shakes, you can effortlessly store a serving in a shaker bottle, ready to mix it up at work or wherever your bustling life leads you (perhaps even at the gym?).

To maintain this as a low-calorie snack rather than a full meal, opt for a simple combination of shake mix and water or milk. Alternatively, consider preparing a light smoothie without high-calorie additions. You can indulge in low-calorie snacking while obtaining all the essential nutrients needed to fuel your metabolism and foster a sense of fullness and energy.

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Can you use meal replacement shakes to lose weight?

The key to success is to be realistic and set achievable goals. It’s worth checking your BMI first using a BMI Calculator. BMI is the medically preferred method of weight classification, based on your weight and height. This will give you an indication of where you should be aiming for in terms of weight for your height and age.

Swapping meals for meal replacement shakes can help to reduce calorie intake and cause a deficit which is needed for weight loss. It enables you to make better choices, and in turn become more consistent.

Meal replacement shakes are packed with protein, ensuring you are getting important nutrients, alongside helping you to preserve muscle mass when dieting, which in turn also keeps you fuller for longer so you aren’t reaching for the unhealthy snacks.

It is very difficult to predict how much weight each individual can expect to lose, as there are many different variables that can affect the outcome. These variables include your BMR, exercise, previous eating habits, how much weight you have to lose, and how well you stick to your weight loss plan. A weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week is considered a safe and sustainable form of weight loss.

Start your meal replacement shake plan the right way with our Celebrity Slim meal replacement shakes! Visit our website to check out our inventory for your fitness journey.


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