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Winter warmers while losing weight: soups & porridges

Winter warmers while losing weight: soups & porridges
Celebrity Slim UK
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Winter warmers while losing weight

We’re in the middle of winter and most of us probably don’t feel summer-ready! Hearty meals are a go-to during the colder weather and we can often find ourselves overeating for comfort, and the foods we choose are typically rich in carbohydrates and sugar because they make us feel full and give us a spike in energy when we’re feeling a bit down. Fortunately, there are meals you can make that are both hearty and healthy! Celebrity Slim caters for the cooler months, and we have an amazing range of soups and porridges that are nutritious, delicious, and filling.

Why a meal replacement?

Having a meal replacement, whether it be shakes, soups or porridges is a guaranteed way to get a calorie-controlled nutritionally complete meal! It alleviates the needs to count calories, worry about not getting adequate nutrition, and best of all it’s a real time saver. Meal replacements are a helpful tool when trying to lose weight. They make dieting easier and when things are more convenient, we’re more inclined to do them! Celebrity Slim soups and porridges make weight loss a lot easier to map out and manage.

Weight management soups

Soup is a go-to during winter, it’s exactly what we need for a cold winters’ day. Of course, you can use our shakes all year round, but you might find our soups more appealing in cold weather! The Celebrity Slim soups are a nutritionally balanced meal replacement with a good source of protein, fibre vitamins and minerals to sustain your energy while managing your weight! They come in a great range of flavours, so you won’t get bored…

  • Spicy Chicken Noodle
  • Mushroom Crouton
  • Roast Chicken
  • Garden Vegetable
  • Mild Curry
  • Spring Vegetable

They only have 201 calories per serve, so it’s not going to get in the way of your diet, it’ll make it easier! You can find our amazing range of soups here.

Mild Curry

Healthy weight management porridges

Porridge has got to be one of the best breakfast options, especially in winter. Our range of porridges are high protein formulated meal replacements. Like the soups, our porridge contains all the essential vitamins and minerals required for a nutritionally complete meal. They’re only have 201 calories, so you’ll stay on track with your calorie goals.

We currently offer have two flavours of porridge that you can choose from.

Healthy hearty meals

Once you’ve explored our range and found your favourites, you might be stuck on what meals to cook in between meal replacements. Aim to cook meals with lots of vegetables and be mindful of your serving size. Portion control is important on a diet, and that’s why meal replacements are so helpful, but when you’re cooking your own food, it can be a little bit trickier. A good idea would be to meal prep, that way you’re counting your calories in advance, and you’ll know exactly what nutrition you’re getting for your next couple of meals.

Meals like casseroles and stir-fries are perfect for winter. They’re also flexible, you can easily change recipes by adding in your favourite healthy condiments and spices.

Foods for winter

For some extra nutrition, try adding these foods to your meals.

  • Squash: fibre, magnesium, beta carotene, vitamin C and B6
  • Ginger: soothing, good for your digestive health:
  • Apples: good source of vitamin C and fibre
  • Sweet potatoes: good source of beta carotene
  • Kale: A good source of calcium and folate
  • Citrus fruits: good source of vitamin C

Managing your weight in winter is possible – just stay positive!

Meal replacements are your new best friend! Be sure to check out our slimming food range. Most importantly, only eat when you’re hungry! Too many of us eat when we’re bored, cold or sad. Learn to combat that bad habit with the help of our blog on boredom eating here!

Celebrity Slim UK
Writer and expert
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